Understanding the Gospel

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is not a hard thing to articulate, but for some reason when asking this to any church goer, their answer can vary from looks of befuddlement to answers that smack of a”works based religion.”

I have been most touched when someone answers the question, “what is the Gospel?” with…”The Gospel is my only hope in life because it is about the work of Jesus Christ for sinners. He died that my sins could be forgiven.” There are a plethora of answers to this. To some degree because each person is so unique. And depending on their background and the degree of their depth of understanding and experience with Christ, answers can vary greatly. Anyone with an interest in knowing what they believe and why they believe it, has a hard time with simplistic answers that don’t point out certain facts about the work of Christ. Anyone with a heart to simply sit at the foot of the cross, finds it hard to imagine giving a systematic answer to what Christ has done for them.Understanding the Gospel #whereisthegospel Click To Tweet

Gospel Centrality.

There has been a resurgence of the Gospel Centrality over the past decade or so and this has been huge for the Christian community at large. Mostly the resurgence has been around the past activity of the work of Christ. Namely, his incarnation, life, death, resurrection, and ascension. When asked “what is the Gospel?” one would hope that a follower of Jesus Christ would be able to speak something about each of these aspects of the Christ work, if not even be able to recount them specifically in that order.  Maybe we just need a good acronym to remember it. (I.L.D.R.A.). Kidding.

Past, Present, Future.

The past aspect of the Gospel is most assuredly the essence of the work of Christ for sinners. At least with the acronym above, there is still something missing. What is Christ doing currently and what will the future hold for more of Christ’s works? Is this apart of the Gospel too? Does this effect our daily lives and our understanding of God?

We have the past aspect of the Gospel: Creation, Fall, and Redemption.

We have the future aspect of the Gospel: Return and Restoration of all things.

We have the present tense aspect of the Gospel: Christ sitting at the right hand of the father putting all enemies under his foot, interceding on our behalf, the Spirit living within us, bringing to remembrance the things we have learned about Christ, comforting our souls, empowering us to live for him.

What has been evident to me of late is the “present” aspect of the Gospel. Does your gospel have a present tense to it? #whereisthegospel Click To Tweet

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