I Am Scared of the Great Commission

Am I the only one who is fearful at the thought of taking the Gospel to others? I know all the biblical arguments of why I shouldn’t be afraid, but I am often held back when it comes to speaking to others about Christ.  Something that is helping me overcome this fear is the very Gospel itself.  There is Gospel in our mission to follow Jesus:  Not just that it’s the Gospel that we take, but there is grace even within the mission.  I am scared of the Great Commission #whereisthegospel Click To Tweet

What do I mean by saying, “There is gospel in the mission?”

  1. Joy and grace is given to the one sharing the Gospel.
  2. We will fail to speak the Gospel perfectly, yet and we have the hope of future forgiveness—paid for by Christ’s shed blood.
  3. The expectations of the mission are simpler than we have made them.

First: There is good news in our calling to share the good news.  Special grace is given to those who take the Gospel message to others. The act of speaking truth and sharing the love of Christ with someone else is empowering. Something that can be frightening in its own right can also be one of the most life giving experiences. Seeing and feeling God work in the hearts of others can touch our souls in an impactful way.

Second: There is good news for those called to share the good news, in that we are already forgiven and not expected to share the message perfectly! By our own standards we will fail in this mission. And that is okay. God is the one ultimately at work. Sometimes the thought of getting it wrong or not knowing what to say can lead to paralysis by analysis. Share your faith and know that it’s ok to mess it up.

Third: While God’s overarching plan is to draw people from the entire world to himself, he does not expect us to reach the entire world on our own. We all have a number of individuals around us each day. We wake up and our family is in our lives. We step out the door and are immediately confronted with our neighbors. We have our normal stops for shopping, eating or pickup up our favorite coffee.  Maybe we commute to work with others on a train or in a carpool. And then we have work relationships.  Then we find ourselves back home with more neighbors and our family before doing it all over again the next day. Really, we all know a ton of people—just look at your Facebook friend list. But realistically we are not called to reach them all in the same way.

I have often felt so anxious with all the people in my life and the gospel’s call to reach them that I have stopped being intentional—simply because I was overwhelmed. Or to put it another way, if everyone is my mission field then somehow no one is my mission field. If everyone is my mission field then somehow no one is my mission field #whereisthegospel Click To Tweet

Steps for each of us:

  1. Consider the Gospel afresh: Be renewed in its present beauty for you and the world around us.
  2. Consider who you are in Christ. 2 Cor. 5:17-21. If you are reconciled to God, are the benefits of salvation only for you? Does following Jesus mean in his mission too?
  3. Consider those who are in your circle of influence. Who is it that God has placed in your life? We often think we have to reach a certain type of person. Maybe a person of influence. Often times we look over the type of people Christ called to follow him, ordinary men. What neighbors or co-workers have you lived and worked around for years and yet know nothing about them? Do you know their names? Their struggles? Do you know how to pray specifically for them?
  4. Consider taking one next step this week in order to befriend someone for the sake of the Gospel.

Consider the impact of just the Christians that you know. What if we all lived and followed Jesus this way in our immediate circles of friends and acquaintances? Maybe it means getting to know the people who live next door, or one or two co-workers. If every Christian starting praying, fasting and looking for opportunities to share the Gospel with just a few people God has placed around them, imagine the impact!

The Gospel not only reconciles us to our Holy Father but also calls us into the ministry of reconciliation. What a blessing this truly is!

How have you found good news in sharing the good news?

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