How Being Tired Woke Up My Soul

My mind is foggy today. I woke to an alarm set for 8 hours and still could not get out of bed. Once I did get up, I was slow. I found myself just staring at times and then would snap out of it. I skipped my morning workout routine, feeling that my body and mind could just not do it and probably needed a rest. So I went on to various things that needed to be done. Take vitamins, shower and shave, and oh yes make coffee! Making coffee for me is a process that carried over from the night before when I roasted the beans after dinner. This was the first day after so the smell of fresh beans, even compared to a fresh store bought bag is amazing. Amazing in part because I know I did it myself. But, even drinking my coffee has not perked me up. I am not down emotionally, actually I am vibrant. It is my body that feels this sluggishness.

What this morning has reminded me of:

  • It is good to feel tired.
  • It is good to push our bodies and know we are working hard.
  • God never tires.
  • Our tiredness is a weakness that once again reveals our need of Jesus and his atonement.

Being tired is good for us. 

When we feel tired, we should remember and rest in our limits. We are finite creations that do not supply our own energy. We must eat and sleep and even beyond this we must rely on something outside of the things we can do for our life. God supplies our every need and upholds every cell within our body.

We should work hard and tire out.

We should work hard. Just because we are limited doesn’t mean we shouldn’t use our strength to its fullness. God created our bodies for work, hard work. whether this is mental, emotional, or physical labors. Being tired should make us take a depth breath and just rest in God’s goodness to give us something to do.

Unlike us, God never tires.

Being tired reminds us that God never tires. God has an endless supply of resources and energy and in fact an incomprehensible amount of strength. It never dries up. He is infinite in his being and infinite in his energy. Though God did rest on the seventh day after creating the world, not so much because he was tired but to lay a pattern for us. Even before the fall and sin entering the world, we had need of rest. Our bodies are not like God. We are created, he is eternal.

Being tired reminds us of our need for Jesus.

Being tired reminds us of our need for Jesus. It reminds us that our works will never be enough to make us or keep us right before God. We would work to the death and this still not be sufficient. Not because God is so unwilling to pardon but because we are so imperfect and finite in our attempts. That is why God went to the extent that he did to pardon us. Christ laid down his life because our attempts would always be futile. He worked till death because we would always tire out too soon. In our humanity, even apart from our specific sins, we are limited in our reach to the holy one. Christ in us, allows us to breach this gap and enter into the most holy of holies, even on days when we feel like a slug.

I am not sure how I am even writing this. I am so tired and my mind so foggy. I know this, God is with me in my weakness and God is never weak. My body, mind, and even soul will tire, but God will never tire.

2 thoughts on “How Being Tired Woke Up My Soul”

  1. Amen, brother. That’s a good word…”Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might.” But, also rest in what Christ has done so perfectly for us…
    Thank you for highlighting the gospel in something that happens every day…namely, me getting tired 🙂

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