Stories of the Missional Life

I Am Scared of the Great Commission

Am I the only one who is fearful at the thought of taking the Gospel to others? I know all the biblical arguments of why I shouldn’t be afraid, but I am often held back when it comes to speaking to others about Christ.  Something that is helping me overcome […]

Learn to be a Neighbor

“As I have lead a MC, I have grown in trusting the Lord and praying more.” David, Missional Community leader. David is married and works for a company here in Owensboro. He and his wife Cynthia have hosted people into their home as they begin to live life together as […]

Submerged in Mission

“Being in a Missional Community has touched us and everyone around us, we are being submerged in a totally different lifestyle. In return, it leaves us vulnerable sometimes and we find our flesh in constant resistance of what’s necessary. God is using us for His glory and it is truly […]

Learning to Speak

“Speaking to strangers really isn’t my gift!” Ryan, Missional Community Leader. Ryan Bays, his wife Tiffany and their girls had been in a group that they had really enjoyed for over a year, when I asked Ryan what he thought of leaving his current group and leading another that needed […]