Finding Christ

Resting in Christ

How often do you really rest from your work? If you are like most, you are denying yourself a blessing as well as working against your own labors. If you are like my dog, Ruger (pictured above), then you may be resting too much! Historically, Christians have believed in practicing […]

Is Jesus Really Better?

The great reformer, Martin Luther said, “The Bible is a remarkable fountain, the more draws and drinks from it, the more one is satisfied.” Jesus’ message to the woman at the well was that her pursuits to find fulfillment in relationships would never satisfy like following him would. The difference […]

Still Learning to Walk With Christ

Since becoming a follower of Jesus Christ, my life has taken on many seasons of spirituality. At times I have felt as far away from God as one could be and at other times near. For a season, while in college, I felt an overwhelming sense of God’s presence in […]

Understanding the Gospel

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is not a hard thing to articulate, but for some reason when asking this to any church goer, their answer can vary from looks of befuddlement to answers that smack of a”works based religion.” I have been most touched when someone answers the question, “what is […]

I am Anxious

“Do not be anxious.” Several verses in the Bible say this over and over. Yet, somehow I still manage to fret over things all the time. As a recovering legalist, I still fail to view the law mostly as something Christ accomplished on my behalf, compared to something I must […]

How Being Tired Woke Up My Soul

My mind is foggy today. I woke to an alarm set for 8 hours and still could not get out of bed. Once I did get up, I was slow. I found myself just staring at times and then would snap out of it. I skipped my morning workout routine, […]