Why are we here?

Where is the Gospel is for those seeking to find Christ throughout the various trials of life. It is also a place to see how mission influences our lives in a profound way. Both our greatest trials and our most challenging efforts in making Christ famous are invitations for us to know Christ.

Too often Christians don’t experience the Gospel in their present lives. There has been a resurgence of the Gospel of the past, the work of Christ on behalf of sinners. There is future grace expressed in a world which one day we long to see with no tears and effects of the fall will be gone forever. But for some, we¬†don’t know how to experience Jesus and apply the Gospel in our day to day lives. We know Christ died for our sins and we know one day all will be made right, but where is Christ now?

These writings are attempt to encourage and build up the body of Christ as we walk this life of conformity to the image of Jesus.